losing propositions

by rantywoman

I’m suddenly busy, busy, busy again. I’ve joined a group to practice Spanish and another to play tennis. I’ve got some online computer classes to take and some dance workshops and yoga classes to attend. Pretty soon I’ll be in another sewing class, and on top of all this I’m running a job search.

I do have some special events and a party to attend and have made a few new friends, but I’m most interested in my upcoming classes and other learning experiences. I’m placing socializing, especially dating, on the back burner. I feel so much better putting my energy into things in which I have some control over the outcome. If I meet someone along the way it’ll be gravy, but I can’t make that a goal right now.

And no more online dating for the foreseeable future. Well-written posts like this bolster my impression that it is mostly just a time suck: