by rantywoman

Another difficult decision.

There’s a possibility I might get a job offer in my career field for a position that is, at heart, entry-level and pays half of what I was formerly making. It’s a job, but it’s at such a tiny place that there’s no possibility of promotion, and unless I want to cause bad blood, I’d probably have to stay for a couple of years.

On one hand, I’d have the security of a job, on the other, I’d be settling for very little pay, it’s not a career change, and it offers no promotional possibilities. The hours are under forty, but a commute is involved. Weekends are also involved. I’m trying to figure out the exact hours; it could make a difference if they are closer to thirty. The time also might count towards my pension.

I’m very tempted to roll the dice and turn it down. I could continue with my resume-enhancing classes, my investigations into other types of jobs (admittedly, none of that is looking promising right now), and trying to get back into my former organization where there would be lots of promotional opportunities. There’s always the possibility I may have to move in a year if things don’t work out, but perhaps I’m willing to take that chance.

My single friend with three babies was strongly advising me to take it, but she has three babies. I should have a little more freedom to be choosy, no?

My roommate also seems to be invested in me taking it. I honestly don’t know if he’s looking out for me or if he wants to keep me from getting back into the organization where he just got a promotion. If it’s the latter, it’s incredibly shitty of him, as he got in there in the first place with my help. He has insinuated I’ve been blackballed, but I no longer trust him, and he used to be one of my closest friends. Or, maybe he really is trying to help.

I don’t think he would take the job, though.