by rantywoman

A friend of mine moved to Baltimore as a single woman several years ago. She grew up there, but the only thing she has to say about it is that she never meets single men in her working life. Otherwise, she doesn’t bring the city up, and I suppose I don’t ask because my only impressions of Baltimore are from television and largely negative and since it is her hometown, I don’t want to insult her.

Maybe those are just excuses, but in any case, I’m not entirely innocent of what I am about to accuse others of (not) doing.

And by that I mean, it occurred to me recently that nobody here ever asks me about what my life was like in Los Angeles. I rarely bring it up and only in passing if I do, but still. I remember years ago meeting a woman who had lived in L.A. and I had to restrain myself from bombarding her with questions. Same with New York– I always wanted to know what day-to-day life was really like there.

The lack of curiosity is, shall we say, curious.