domestic drama

by rantywoman

I went on a long walk today and considered the situation with my roommate. I’m happy he has a boyfriend, as we never socialized together that much anyway, and I think it’s a good thing for him.

What’s been bothering me is the sense that my presence at home annoys him and that he’d much rather be left alone to lay on the couch and watch T.V. He’s considerate in that he will often get up and move into his room to rest on his bed (with his iPad on his stomach) with the door closed when I’m home, but that does nothing to create an atmosphere of bonhomie. I’m not home much and am often reading or working online when I am, but I’ve still gotten the sense that my presence is an intrusion, and he jokes around to that effect. His faintly misogynistic joking, in general, has gotten stale. And he’s had no problem cutting me off when he’s not interested in conversing and has shown minimal empathy about my job search.

Some days we still get along though, and I’ve been waiting to see how the job situation panned out for both of us. I started thinking it would be a good thing if he got the promotion, as then I could rent my place to him (furnished and fixed up at my expense) if I had to return to L.A.

I found out yesterday I didn’t get the jobs, and he found out today he got the promotion. He came home absolutely gleeful about it and, in my opinion, lacking in any tact. When he started joking that I should now look for a job in another city so he could have this place to himself, I finally blew a gasket. Like the kid in the exorcist whose head spun around, I locked eyes and said very slowly and firmly to knock off the joking or I would kick him out.

Stay tuned.