highs and lows

by rantywoman

My first year when I moved to L.A. was incredibly tough. Many, many times I thought I’d be moving back to my former city before the year was up. I had to remind myself again and again of all the trouble I’d taken to move out there and would resolve to give it at least one year. Then I got a job and ended up staying almost seven.

I feel like I’ve hit one of those dips here now. My roommate situation has had its disappointments, a few “friends of friends” I was supposed to meet haven’t panned out (just like in L.A.), the dating situation doesn’t appear promising, I haven’t hooked into anything socially, and now the job worries have set in. Although it’s less anxiety-producing here since I already know the place, I also don’t feel the excitement of a new city like I did in L.A., especially since L.A. is such an incredible and overwhelming place.

There’s an appealing job open right now in L.A., but I realize it’s absolutely crazy-thinking for me to pursue that idea mere months after leaving. I will have to let that one go and give this place at least a year, even if it drains my finances to do so.

I have been accomplishing the initial things I set out to do here in terms of the classes I’ve been taking, so all is not lost, even if things don’t work out long-term.

Most likely I just need to ride out this dip and things will eventually sort themselves out.