rug pulling

by rantywoman

Many will argue that we can choose, we just have to accept the consequences. True. I am free to cut off my arm, too. The consequences of exercising our freedom by choosing to be single or to leave our jobs make the choice almost as foolish as cutting off a limb (especially in this economic environment). The safety net, if we can even call it that, which exists in the US does not support individual freedom and certainly prevents our independence since we’re dependent on employers for our health insurance rather than interdependent as a society that provides a safety net to all of us. Current societal structures exert normative pressure. Thus, the government supports the status quo and punishes those who dare to step outside by pulling the safety net out from under us. And as Michael Warner points out, it’s pretty much impossible for any of us to measure up to all the normative pressure on us. We are all not normal in one way or another (something Brené Brown also stresses to counteract the shame that arises whenever we step out of the normativity of the status quo). Accepting that fact would allow us to embrace our interdependence even with people who may choose to do things we don’t agree with.