chutes and ladders

by rantywoman

Without getting into specifics, it appears that I may have lost out on the full-time jobs I applied for. I’m not sure what to think now.

On the plus side, there is at least one job, and maybe more, opening up within the same organization that would be a better fit for me. On the negative side, I’m now of course worried I don’t have a chance of getting hired back.

The part-time opportunity is also rolling along, but if I’m offered it and take it, I can’t apply for a full-time position for a lengthy probationary period.

So. I could possibly go with my original plan of working part-time while taking classes and looking for opportunities in new fields. Or I could pass at the clerical position so that I could apply for the full-time jobs and suss out whether I have a chance at them.

And, I suppose, if worst came to worst, after a year I could move back to L.A., but I’m unsure whether I’d survive that.

Just like in dating, I’ll probably never find out why I didn’t get the positions. I can think of three or four completely different reasons, but it could be any or none of those. Another mystery.