by rantywoman

My list-making has paid off already. It made me clarify what is no longer of interest to me and what things have struck a chord recently and have been bubbling beneath the surface.

I realized that by dropping a couple of things from my life I’d have time to pursue one of these new interests, and after some persistent googling, I found a related workshop that is starting and running through the month of July on Sundays. Eureka! I joined up just in time. I’m not working yet and am excited to have the time to explore something new.

I also decided I still want to pursue the organic farming idea, even though the farm I wanted to join closed down. Through some more research I found another option. I’m going to table it for the summer due to the heat, but I’m glad it’s a possibility for the fall.

Other than possibly the farm, none of the activities on my list are good ways to meet men, but I can’t think of any that are anyway. Golf? Totally disinterested, and I imagine if I signed up for a class it would be all women.

Regardless, I’m happier when I know that, even when my life continues to feel stuck, I’m growing and learning while in limbo.