wood spirits

by rantywoman

When I first moved to town, I had no interest in applying to two full-time jobs that were available, and I let the postings come and go and did nothing. Then I ran into an old boss who a few days later informed me they had been reopened for another month (because I was back in town?).

I still held out, and on the last evening before they were to close again, took a leisurely stroll down a wooded path, not a care in the world. There I ran into an old friend, who told me all kinds of scary tales about the job market.

I walked home glumly, pulled up the job postings, and stared at them grimly. I slowly started to fill them out, then closed down my computer and went to bed. The next morning I forced myself to finish them and pressed “send.”

I should find out within another week or so whether I got one.

I haven’t run into that friend from the wooded path again. He sent me a brief email asking me if I’d applied for the jobs, but he didn’t respond to my answer that I had.

Was he a test? Should I have seen him as an obstacle to my dream vision and ignored his advice? Or was he placed in my path because I was heading for disaster by cavalierly dismissing my chance for gainful employment? The coincidence of running into both him and my old boss plus the jobs being reopened is hard to ignore.