As I’ve been getting out on the town lately I’ve been reflecting on the last two decades and evaluating which kinds of activities I’ve met people at in the past (be they friends or boyfriends) and which kinds I haven’t. Here is my assessment:

art shows and events– I’ve been to a bunch of fun and interesting ones, but I’ve never met a single person at them. Never.

readings and lectures– I love to read but ditto. I’ve never met anyone, and oftentimes readings can be dreary.

concerts– Once in a blue moon I’ve met someone, especially if there is seating that is conducive to conversation.

dancing– I’ve met a lot of people through dancing.

sporting events– I rarely go and have never met anyone.

playing a sport– I’ve definitely met a few people that way.

classes– Same; I’ve made lots of contacts through classes.

singles events– Never, or at least not any contacts I’d want to pursue.

bars– ditto

sitting in a restaurant– My mother likes to suggest this one. I’ve never met anyone this way.