forevers and for nows

by rantywoman

One thing about getting into my forties is I’m starting to truly realize that nothing is forever.

I think the first half of my life was spent in pursuit of the job, career, boyfriend, activity, social group, or place that would feel perfect and therefore permanent to me. Now I realize that things are never perfect, but they can work out pretty well for a while. Then it’s time for the next thing. The only constant is change.

I like the idea of a roommate, but this particular roommate situation may not last more than six months or a year. Maybe in the particulars every roommate is a problem, although I hope not. It’s heartening for me to realize though that I just need to figure out if this roommate is working for the time being and not for years ahead.

Same thing with my next job. There’s now an opportunity for a part-time clerical position within walking distance of my home, which would allow me to continue taking classes and to enjoy some free time as well. I wouldn’t want to be a clerk forever, but for a year or so it could be just right. On the other hand, if I end up in one of those full-time jobs, I’d probably only be in it for six months to a year before moving into something more appealing.

None of it is forever.