attitude adjustment

by rantywoman

I’ve been doing some googling on “midlife and depression” to get tips on how to cope with my recent spells of anxiety and low mood and have come across numerous articles on the spike in the suicide rate among the middle-aged.

The comments on this article are worth reading and offer a grim counterpoint to the relatively jaunty tone of most media articles:

I bring this up because after reading the comments I feel like I should be more thankful about the opportunity to re-enter my career.

In terms of dating, though, ack (to echo the comic-strip character Cathy). It does seem bleak.

Also, being “overworked and undervalued” is exactly how I felt the last decade or so:

Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the charity the Mental Health Foundation, explains why women like me are at particular risk. The reason so many ‘older females’ are suffering from common mental health disorders (depression and anxiety being the most common) is because we are both overloaded and undervalued.

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