public confessions

by rantywoman

A few years ago on a dating site, my answer to the query “the most private thing I’m willing to admit” was that I liked and had wanted kids but had come to terms with not having them.

When I checked out online dating this time around, I saw that a man in his forties had written a similar response to that question, answering something along the lines that he’d come to accept that he’d missed his window for having children. He was also willing to date women his own age.

He didn’t respond to my email, but he influenced me to go back to my original answer for that question. The next man I wrote emailed back that he felt similarly about children– that he felt the time for having them had passed but he’d come to terms with it. He is also willing to date women his own age.

He is the only one I will be going on a date with, and other than that, I’ve stopped looking online and will go back to real life. Hopefully we will at least have a nice conversation.