false equivalencies

by rantywoman

Now that I’m taking community college classes I’m surrounded by men and women in their twenties. Let me be frank here: youth is no guarantee of beauty.

Sure, there are a few stunners around– young people with beautiful dewy skin and lithesome physiques and a great sense of style– but they are without a doubt the exception. Many, if not most, have some appeal but are awkward or have acne or are overweight or underweight or have not yet developed a sense of style. And I know a lot of people my age who are in far better shape physically than a lot of the twentysomethings running around.

The stunners, I imagine, have more than their fair share of suitors. When men complain that women are bombarded online with emails, are they referring to a small number of unusually attractive young women? It seems to me, if these men are older, they would be much better off broadening their age range and thus boosting their odds of finding an appealing partner.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with age for some of these men but everything to do with “getting back” at their female peers.

The one exception I can think of is men who are playing the fame game. From what I saw in L.A., if a man was in the game at all, even if he was on the outskirts and broke, he could score a younger and hotter woman than himself. I knew creative, talented guys in L.A. who, if they had hit on me, I would have had a very difficult time being physically attracted to, and I am far, far from picky. Yet in every case, it seems, they have ended up with a cute young girlfriend.

I suppose I saw the writing on the wall and had to give up.