ping ponging

by rantywoman

I went to a ping pong party this weekend and ran into an old acquaintance of mine whom I have always liked. She is a restless spirit who never seemed to stay in one job or relationship for long, but soon after getting divorced, she married again in her late thirties and had a child. I was privy to the baby pictures over Facebook while I was living across the country, but I was puzzled at the quickie marriage.

The child is a cute toddler now, but the woman is divorced. She said the marriage was motivated by her wanting a baby, but it’s actually easier to raise the child now, because she and the father can spell each other. Oddly enough my divorced friend in L.A. told me the exact same thing. This woman is now working full-time, but despite being exhausted, doesn’t mind it. She said she preferred being at work than at home full-time when her child was an infant– that was harder for her.

There was another man at the party who has two grown kids. He asked me if I wanted kids and then told me that having children is totally overrated and if he had to do it over again, he wouldn’t. I told him I’ve been grocery shopping for both me and my roommate lately and it’s tiring having to plan meals and buy food not only for myself but another person as well. He answered that at least my roommate can fend for himself if he has to, whereas kids can’t.

I also heard more bad news about the job market, although one woman mentioned that if I had the chance to take some time off, maybe I should grab it, because those times in life are so rare. So I’m sad I may be relinquishing my chance so soon, while at the same time feeling I have to just suck it up like everyone else in this cruddy economy.

I also met another young woman who told me she makes art and nannies off and on but would never want to work a nine to five job. I kinda want her life!