one step

by rantywoman

There were three pregnant women in my smallish yoga class today, and the teacher made a big fuss over them, saying the joke about “it might be catching.” I briefly missed my large urban yoga classes in L.A. where that kind of thing never happened, but I also remained aware of the other people in the class, people of varying ages, who may well have been childless like myself.

The happy hour with my former coworkers from more than a decade ago was also less family-oriented than I feared. Yes, a lot of people had become parents (and some had several marriages behind them), but there was at least one other never-married, childless woman in attendance and a few who had partners but no kids.

Overall I’m feeling energized and happy about my move, although I have no idea what I will end up doing for work. I’m putting that fear on the back burner for now though and giving myself a little freedom-and-discovery time.

On that note, I loved this blog post:

One night while we were riding a bus to a milonga (a place where we dance tango) she told me her story. Christine is Swiss, in her late 30s. “I worked as a nurse and then a nurse manager for 18 years but I really didn’t like it. I hated it.” She kept expecting to meet the guy, that she would buy a house with him and get married and do all that stuff in her thirties. At a certain point, she decided to just up and go; to come in Buenos Aires to dance tango.