Last year I wrote about my confusion over who I should put down as my emergency contact; now it seems that those types of concerns have gone so mainstream that an organization has been created to address them:

I’ve decided not to apply for those “safety” jobs and instead spend the next few months fulfilling personal goals, updating my skills, job searching in new career fields, and, just as importantly, socializing and building up my own personal safety net. I’ve spent so much of my life living alone and working, and now I want to take a pause to build up some kind of family for myself.

Part of that family may be a group of lively performers who live and work here and are connected to the network I knew in L.A. They will only be one part, however, as I’ve grown a bit leery of people who are trying to “go places.” I need more permanence and security than that, and I seem to have other options for that here.

I did briefly reunite with the old flame, and although I’m sure we will keep running into each other, I was confirmed in my impression that the situation with him is no longer right for me. I want more kindness and commitment than he can provide.

I’m also going out this weekend with some coworkers from fifteen years ago, most of whom are married and parents, although they were all single when I met them. Wish me luck. It might be awkward.