fun house

by rantywoman

Out of the last twenty years, I estimate I’ve spent at least sixteen of them living alone. There are wonderful advantages to living alone, but for me it’s also been fertile ground for existential fear and angst, so I’m really, really looking forward to my roommate moving in this weekend.

I loved this piece and the fact that the issue of growing old alone (and often childless) is coming to the forefront. It’s also making me feel good about my decision to move back to a smaller city where I feel more embedded socially:

Moore has been careful about selecting as housemates women who get along, but who also have a sense of independence. “All of us, we have our own separate lives,” she says. “We do our own separate things, but we’ll meet up in the kitchen and chitchat. And then we’ll all go our different ways, which makes it nice. None of us are joined at the hip, and yet we all live together and do our own thing and live in the same house.”