the campaign

by rantywoman

I missed this one last year:

I know that many of you don’t think that I’m average, which is funny, since almost half of all Americans are single. We, too, have gone on dates with funny, smart men who are strivers, who drive beat-up cars where you can see the road through the hole in the floor.

It’s just that we got dumped on that date. We will always hate that movie.


And I am looking forward to a day when American women who are moms and in political life can tell the American people about their Ivy League degrees and their career accomplishments, not just about the deep love they have for their children that only mothers can have, that narcissistic shallow single people will never, ever feel for anyone. Ever.

I’m also looking forward to a day when American women are not defined by their reproductive capabilities by either party.

Until that day, I remain what I have always been: Not Married. Not a Mom. Still American.