the fortress

by rantywoman

Unfortunately I’ve been more of a “giver” than a “receiver” over this long, grueling, emotional and physical journey, and at this point I’m all tapped out.

At the end of the driving journey, my mom came out to the car with about five minutes of “oh you must be exhausted,” but this was swiftly followed by a nonstop barrage of advice, directions, and her own personal concerns that is still going strong.

Hopefully I’ll be moved into my own place in a week or two. I need to stay strong for the rest of this month while I finish pulling off the logistics.

I’ve had absolutely no time to process anything and am hiding behind a blank emotional wall until I can breathe again.

On a positive note, my old friends are getting in touch over email. I’ve only had the strength to offer tepid responses, but it’s nice to feel the welcome.