the glamorous life

by rantywoman

I heard an older, childless semi-celebrity being interviewed on a podcast this week. She’s beautiful, talented, ambitious, charming, and witty– in all ways a great role model for the single, childfree life. In the interview, she poked gentle fun at the whole marriage-and-baby ideal.

The thing is, she lives such an enviable life that I felt a bit ambivalent about her attitude. I like that she’s “representing” well, but at the same time, I understand why most women want to get married and have kids. Most of us aren’t famous and don’t have dream careers with plenty of time off between gigs. Unlike me, this particular woman never goes long without a boyfriend, and she is feted in the way celebrities often are, particularly the physically attractive ones. All of my acquaintances in the industry, even if their level of fame is relatively small, receive more emails and invitations than I could ever imagine. I don’t think any of them can quite comprehend how lonely it can get for the average person who remains single past young adulthood.

I have relished all the things I’ve been able to experience as a single person–things I would have missed out on if I’d been part of a couple– and, as I’m trying to stay “present,” I will continue to appreciate my freedoms. I admit, though, that a stable, committed, loving partnership sounds, well… divine.