by rantywoman

Make your friends, family, or co-workers aware of what is going on so that you may build a strong support system.

Fingers crossed, but I think the torrent of emails, voicemails, visits to lay stuff at my door (two at this point), and texts over the furniture fiasco (discussed in the post “garlic”) has finally stopped. Talk about emotionally exhausting! I didn’t read most of her emails but made the mistake of opening the last one and felt so violated by it I was shaking. I’m bummed that I’ve spent several of my last days here dealing with this.

The women who actually want the furniture left a message saying they had absolutely no problems with the new plan surrounding it and that, although they socialize with her, they don’t control this woman and have nothing to do with her behavior when she goes off the rails like that. I understand their position, but their response wasn’t exactly emotionally supportive, you know? Not when I was feeling a bit nervous and trapped in my apartment.

Yesterday I wrote those two women plus another leader of the work-related group I know this woman from and let them know a little bit about the run-in and asked them to please shut the discussion down if this woman decides to keep bringing it up in the future, since I won’t be here to defend myself. Have not had a response from any of them.

Disappointing but heavy confirmation that I am doing the right thing by leaving that job. It was a public service position, and I never felt I had much administrative back-up or support when dealing with the mentally ill (other than my immediate front-line staff, who were pretty great).