tough chicks

by rantywoman

Both good points about L.A.:

I don’t know….I agree with some of what the other posters said. But are you looking to date? It’s pathetically hard here for women in ANY age group. There’s really no social support for people, even through spiritual means and although I grew up here (in L.A. proper-the Westside), I have to say that people are just not friendly here. Oh, they’re friendly enough, but to make real, lasting friendships and intimate realtionships, it’s tough. It’s a tough place; tough on the psyche. There are lots of things to do, that’s true. But you’ll probably be doing most of those things alone. If you can find a place to buy, go for it, but consider everything you’re looking for in a “quality of life”.

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Basically what I tell friends around the country. If you desire to work in the Entertainment Industry and make it big, you need to come to LA at some point, or possibly NYC. If you grew up here or went to school here, that’s a different story, ya got roots. Other than that, there are so many other places of better quality of life, within California and elsewhere.

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