missed connections

by rantywoman

There’s a witty and talented (although struggling) performer, mid-forties, who lives a few blocks away from me here. We have some mutual friends, and over the past couple of years I’ve connected to him on Facebook and gone to some of his shows, where we say hello. He’s never made an effort to get to know me though. In the past I might have pushed it a little, but these days I feel that if the guy isn’t making an effort, it’s a no-go.

I ran into a same-age friend of his at a party, and she told me he was broken-hearted over yet another young twentysomething girl. We both rolled our eyes a little over that one.

I’m assuming that he’s not interested in me and further assuming it’s because of my age, neither of which I know for sure, but that’s my hunch. I give up, though, because you can’t force a person’s interest.

I just find it a shame that there are so many single fortysomething women, many of whom are attractive and accomplished, who have given up on the whole nuclear family idea, are just looking for a loving partnership, and are unable to find it, while so many single men their age go on pursuing much younger women. It’s an unfortunate mismatch of desires, especially for the men who don’t want children and could have a loving relationship without that pressure if they would only date someone their own age.