the jackpot

by rantywoman

I was reflecting on online dating the other day and came to the conclusion that it is much like playing the slots.

We all know people who have won big and small playing slot machines, but we would never tell someone who is in financial distress, “Well, you can always try gambling.”

And yet, people who are having trouble finding a partner are often told, “You can always try online dating.” Sure, it’s an option, and I’ve known people who have found partners online whom they later married. But online dating is far from foolproof, and while one doesn’t theoretically have anything to lose, I think time, energy, and pride are worth something.

The older one gets, it seems that online dating is more akin to a diversionary night at a casino than, well… I guess I can’t come up with safer methods, other than just living one’s life to the fullest and hoping for the best.