by rantywoman

This post by Sasha Cagen is very inspiring to me, as I’m in the midst of trying to give myself permission to follow my own instincts, especially in regard to the job offers that have popped up here as I’m in the process of moving.

I’ve thought a lot more about the job I did end up applying for, trying to reframe the whole situation in terms that would appeal to me, as my overwhelming feeling is that I don’t want it and that I need a whole new type of work, way of living, and place to live. I’m still overwhelmingly feeling the latter.

It does feel incredibly liberating, to, if only briefly, free oneself from the shackles of what one “should” do according to everything we are taught in this country.

The post:

In a rational culture like the United States where you are supposed to have a plan (and a retirement plan) it can feel countercultural to follow a quirky whisper, intuition, or impulse. Especially an instinct that doesn’t fit the norm and doesn’t have a list of rational reasons to support it. It might be OK to follow a random instinct in our twenties and sixties, but not so much in our thirties and forties, the decades of career-building and family-building. These are the times when we are supposed to be nest-egg-building, “on track.”

I also enjoyed this post as I’ve been through a few of these frustrating tango evenings myself: