by rantywoman

Today I found out a 42-year-old friend is currently pregnant with her second baby, and it made me feel (once again) that damn it, I deserve this “me time” I’m currently enjoying. I’ve had to deal with so many blows over being childless, and now I’m reaping at least one of the benefits– time off and to myself.

Here’s another podcast of a fantastic panel discussion on childless women:

It’s amazing to me that a little over a year ago, when I started this blog, there wasn’t much out there in cyberspace on childless women. Gateway Women was one of the few sites I had was able to find, and it was just getting off the ground, with about ten blog posts.

Now there are a number of blogs and at least two public panel discussions of the issue. I like Jody Day’s comment that she doesn’t want subsequent generations of women to have to keep reinventing the wheel on this issue. Certainly this generation has had to do so, but it is great to see such progress.