the days

by rantywoman

I’ve been keeping my eye out for this one, hoping someday it will appear on DVD since I missed the screening:

Days Together (US, 2011; 85 min.)
Director: Peter Monro

Days Together explores a young woman’s search for identity in love, the prospect of parenthood, and the comfort of family.

Alex is single and at a crossroads in her life as she watches her close friends settle down, get married, and have kids. A trail of numbing late night hook-ups and useless advice leads her to Paul, a drummer ready to leave Los Angeles for a simpler life.

Eager to escape the city for a while, Alex plans to drive up to Seattle to visit her sister, and decides to let Paul hitch a ride. The two new friends take on the road together, enjoying each other’s company and affections until they realize that they must both forge ahead on their own.

The film didn’t get a good review here:

But it did get a good one here:

And I enjoyed this brief podcast interview with the filmmaker: