talk to me

by rantywoman

I’m realizing lately that if all of us here in America came out from behind our Facebook facades and turned off our TVs, we would realize just how much common ground we have, and there might be a revolution.

Now that my plans to uproot myself have materialized, I’ve started having real conversations with people and discovering just how stressed out everyone is at their jobs. I’m amazed at the number of people who have taken up meditation as a response.

In terms of health insurance, I was out with three women this past week, none of whom have it. Over the weekend I met up with another group of women of whom two don’t have it and one does (a professor).

On another note, a married woman with a fabulous career, lovely home, a couple of cute kids, and a nice-looking, friendly husband, told me how difficult a long-term marriage can be. She explained how you aren’t the same person in your forties as you are in your mid-twenties, and that the sexual spark is very easy to lose amongst the business of raising children and the overfamiliarity of a long-term union. I told her about the frustrations with dating here (confirmed by the other lovely single women who was with us) and intimated that, if she were single, the sex would most likely be infrequent and brief, if at all.

Hopefully the conversation helped her as much as it did me.