never married, over forty, a little bitter


One of the discussions that has come out of my stress this week has been the possibility of marrying a gay male friend of mine. I could get health insurance; he would gain a free place to live. I would have the freedom to dabble and work part-time; we could inherit or bequeath social security payments. We could keep our own names, dispense with rings, and date other people for fun and sex.

The part of me that still believes in the love-and-marriage package holds back, but why? In a lot of ways, this could be an ideal solution. He can’t marry another man in the state he is living in anyway, and neither one of us sees our marriage odds as very good.

I told this to a younger co-worker of mine and she said she has had the same discussions with a gay male friend of hers.

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I had this idea a while ago but thought maybe I should look for work instead… now it seems like a good way to stay insured: