health insurance

by rantywoman

From all my reading, I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that feeling lonely, scared, and isolated contributes to ill health. It’s like being doubly punished.

Knowing that, I’m trying not to let this health insurance issue get to me, although it’s definitely an issue that makes me feel lonely, scared, and isolated. Like I’ve been thrown on the scrap heap for having a medical issue. Like I’m being punished for being single. Like nobody cares, and I’ll lose every cent I have if I’m hospitalized. Like I’m a target for aggressive, predatory companies that like to throw around the word “God” a lot.

A friend of mine, a freelancer, has some medical issues and said the single biggest negative impact on her health is dealing with health insurance companies.

Another friend of mine, due to the stress of his job, developed a temporary medical problem that then created a health insurance nightmare when the job ended.

I’m taking deep breaths and meditating but the sadness and fear is still breaking through.