creative living

by rantywoman

Thus far I have a few tentative plans for my future move, one of which is to share a place with an old friend who is gay. It’s not completely ideal, but if we move into an inexpensive property together we will both be able to save a lot of money.

As far as jobs, I want to explore new directions. I feel like my wishlist is probably unrealistic, but I would like to:

1) get away from waiting on the general public
2) not be sitting in a cubicle or at a desk all day (half day is fine)
3) work 4-6 hours a day rather than 8
4) work for a company that makes a product rather than pushes money around or performs social services (I’ve done my time absorbing the world’s burdens)
5) have some room for growth
6) have access to some kind of health insurance

I am willing to start at the bottom and at the unskilled and sad $10-$15 an hour range while I re-tune, so perhaps that makes my wishlist not quite as unachievable as it seems.

Other than that, I picture myself learning to grow vegetables in a community garden. Getting my hands dirty. Learning more about cooking. Staying healthy.

Social life? No picture there.