the big city

by rantywoman

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is this:

Ohhhhhh, San Francisco……
I am french, have live in Prague, San Francisco, Seattle, England, and now Munich (for the last 2 weeks!)
And I did leave my heart in San Francisco…
But i will say that what i miss the most about the city IS the city.
The people are cool, everyone is so cool and belong to a certain trend. NO real soul anymore, no real sense of community. I love my GG park, yes it’s mine too πŸ™‚
I miss running to the ocean and back to the panhandle, i miss the light, the architecture, the ocean, the gorgeous gorgeous city. I adore San francisco.
But… after 11 years there, i felt like i didn’t really enjoy the city as much as i could. Because it is so outrageously expensive, so we had to work like donkeys to have 10 days off a year. Because everyone was soooo into themselves, and i became the same. it was all about my hobbies, my family and myself.
Because the I can’t justify to pay $7,500 to taxes for a 840 sqf apartment.
So yes, I loved SF and i have the best memories there, leaving San Francisco is like leaving a lover with whom you can’t build a life but with whom you had the best sex with, it’s painful but necessary.
Munich is great so far πŸ™‚


Yes, living in L.A. has been like having a relationship with an exciting guy who won’t commit and whose interest is brutally inconsistent. It’s compelling and stimulating and motivating and keeps you on your toes, but there’s no safety, security, or sense that things ever develop. It’s stressful and competitive and there’s always that feeling you don’t measure up. Each day is a roller coaster of the very good and the very bad. The years pass and nothing has been built.

And, your leaving will make little impact.