by rantywoman

I don’t think I’ve aged out of dating per se, but I do feel I’ve aged out of the dating game. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a woman at my stage of life to spend loads of time second-guessing and analyzing a man’s behavior or playing “hard to get.” I find it unbecoming and just flat out boring. The story always boils down to “why is he acting uninterested” and the answer “because he’s not really interested.”

If competing and playing games to “land” a diminishing resource is the only game in town, though, then I might have aged out of dating. I do, however, know of good marriages that have occurred among older partners who are the same age, so I don’t think it’s totally hopeless.

Certainly, one night’s decision to stay in where it’s warm and comfortable doesn’t make for a trend. But the fact that online sites are no longer a viable means to meet people is. For a woman at 50, odds are she’ll be hearing from the occasional man in his 60s and some in their 70s. Trust me on that. It’s the age-old age issue.

Men her own age? That’s a no.

So do women age out of online dating, rather than dating altogether?
If that’s the case, and you no longer have the typical social outlets for meeting people, then what?
Do you accept that the rest of your life without a partner – casual or otherwise – is the way it will be?