unsolved mysteries

I haven’t heard again from the blind date dude, so I’m assuming I won’t. It was difficult for me to fit in that date with him with everything else I have going on, but I suppose I don’t regret it. He’s had a dream career, and I enjoyed hearing about it. I’ve just gotten to the point that I hate dates with people I don’t know and would much prefer to chat up someone at a show or in a class or at my job. I’m tired of the feeling of being placed under a microscope absent any context of work or play.

I’ve written about this before, but another thing I’ve grown weary of is the feeling that it’s impossible for me to learn anything from these dates. I have no idea if this man’s disappearance has anything whatsoever to do with me, or if it does, if it’s anything I could or would want to change about myself. In any case, I’ll never know.

I’m keeping up my resolution of trying something new every week, and in that spirit, I attended a small, offbeat gathering this weekend. I’m pretty sure one of the attendees was a man I wrote on an online dating site years ago when I first moved to town. I felt he had the most compatible profile I’d come across, but he didn’t respond. A month or so later, I saw him on a different site and tried again, explaining that I was writing a second time because I felt we would have a lot in common and so it was worth another shot. Again, no response.

He remains a mystery as well. Oh well. He wasn’t as cute in person.