by rantywoman

There are so many things I’m going to miss here… wonderful restaurants, the beach, the comedy scene, the creativity, the diversity of living arrangements. The lack of community and the stress… not so much.

Perhaps surprisingly – given Southern California’s health-conscious image – a survey showed L.A. residents are the absolute worst when it comes to physical well-being, with 22.8 percent of Angelenos calling their health less than good. We’re 11th-worst at getting exercise. We have the second-worst access to health care.

Bigger irony: Forbes says America’s most stressful town is Las Vegas. Remember, the magazine isn’t talking about what it’s like for tourists. This is about the residents, and Sin City suffers from a housing crisis and 14.5 percent unemployment.

Riverside, at No. 5, is the only other California city in the top 10.

New York is way down at No. 8, just ahead of Chicago and Detroit.

L.A. is No. 2 for the second straight year.

And it appears Forbes didn’t even factor in the stress-inducing states of L.A. city government and the Dodgers’ bullpen.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes, of Congregation Or Ami in Calabasas, was philosophical about L.A.’s stress problem.

“We’re tied up in a culture of money. We’re tied up in a culture of beauty. We’re tied up in a culture of veneer,” Kipnes said. “It’s hard to always be worried about keeping up with the Joneses, being as beautiful as the 20-year-olds, making the world think everything’s OK.

“The movies show California as beaches and Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. But most of us don’t live there.”

For high-strung L.A. residents, Kipnes prescribed exercise, meditation and prayer, and setting more realistic goals for wealth and beauty.

Meanwhile, Bredin, the bartender, suggested staying off the freeways as much as possible.

Also: “A couple of beers after work certainly takes the edge off.”