public airing

by rantywoman

This is a really wonderful panel discussion on the topic of “letting go of having genetic offspring.” I’m looking forward to Melanie Notkin’s new book!

Around the twenty-six minute mark, there is mention of the fact that the loss of having children stirs up all previous losses, grief, and trauma. I was so relieved to hear that, as that has certainly been the case for me, and it is nice to know that those feelings are simply a normal reaction, and that my fears that I was somehow doomed from birth are unfounded.

There is also a very interesting discussion at thirty-four minutes of how our concept of genetic offspring is, in actuality, more limiting than necessary.

I was just getting into the discussion at thirty-six minutes about the feelings of “developmental retardation” one can experience as a childless woman when the video pooped out on me. Will try again later, but hopefully you can catch the whole thing.