the slow boil

by rantywoman

Every year for the past five I have seen stress increase at the workplace… getting out to save my health:

“While many Los Angeles residents recognize the impact that stress has on the body, the numbers who are stressed about money, work and the economy continues to be cause for concern,” said Los Angeles-area psychologist Dr. Michael Ritz , the public education coordinator for the California Psychological Association. “And more than four out of 10 Los Angeles residents have seen their stress increase in the past five years. It’s important people pay attention to signs of stress, because stress can affect your physical and emotional health, especially if not managed properly.”

The national survey found that reported stress levels have stabilized from the highs of the economic crisis; however, they remain higher than what is considered healthy. Furthermore, Americans who serve as caregivers — providing care to both the aging and chronically ill — for their family members report higher levels of stress, poorer health and a greater tendency to engage in unhealthy behaviors to alleviate that stress than the population at large.

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