exit lines

by rantywoman

“On to your next adventure.”

“It’s time for you to move on.”

“Good for you.”

“I’m inspired when people make a big change.”

Nice sentiments all, but they are pretty much the exact same things people said to me seven years ago when I was contemplating moving here. Unlike my well-wishers, I know I will face many of the same issues all over again after “moving on.”

Several exes have also said the “good for you” line, which stings a little. They mean well, but it’s hard for me not to hear, “We don’t want to partner with you, but we will cheer you on!”

I do have faith in my timing, however, as it has always served me well. It does feel like the right time to make the leap.

One by one, the initial hopes behind my move here were dashed, so I grabbed on to the possibilities that presented themselves instead. Then I became frozen for a time because of the economic freefall.

But. One cannot remain frozen forever.