by rantywoman

Gender-wise, two characters stand out from the book: Jacob and Alexis. They reflect a popular stereotype: He’s happily playing the field and she’s struggling trying to find a guy who will stick around. Was that intentional? Did you find that to be the dominant gender script?

I would shy away a little bit from “dominant gender script,” just because I find gender scripts these days to be so varied and it’s hard to pin down a dominant one. But there was definitely a lot of thought — I interviewed over 100 online daters for the book, and obviously I don’t have 100 online daters in the book, so I put a lot of thought into who I used, and a big part of the decision had to do with how reflective the experiences of the characters are of the rest of the people I interviewed. So, yes, I did find their experiences and their opinions and thoughts reflective of large swaths of people I interviewed for the book.