by rantywoman

Afterward, we lined up and shook the other team’s hands, and I think we just felt stunned by our victory. By then the sun was starting to set, it was a beautiful afternoon, and the world felt perfect. That’s what happens when you win a game, and I think it’s the reason most people care so much when there’s really nothing much at stake. When you emerge victorious, you walk off that field and the world feels like a substantially better place no matter what else is happening in your life. There is also an intense bond that forms among your teammates, and in an isolating place like Los Angeles, a feeling of belonging is well worth fighting for. Jacob remembers, “When I joined that team, it became everything I hoped it would and more. I finally felt like a part of something in L.A.”

— John Albert, Wrecking Crew: The Really Bad News Griffith Park Pirates, p. 112