by rantywoman

I am a person who makes New Year’s resolutions, but they are not about improving myself per se as they are about things I want to try and do in the coming year.  One year, long ago, I resolved to make one new dish a week, which is how I taught myself to cook, creating a binder full of favorite recipes  along the way.  Another year, when I was growing tired of my city of residence, I decided I would go to at least one new place or event a week in order to make things “fresh” again.  I do find that the years can meld into one another with a “where did the time go?” feeling and that making resolutions helps me take advantage of the year ahead.

Taking pen to paper, I realized that I do have a year’s worth of “stuff” I’d like to do in this city, stuff that could keep me motivated and happy through next fall.  If I move back to my former city, I have a complimentary list of things I’d like to do there, but those things could wait another year.

I think whether I move this spring or the next fall now depends on how long I can cope with the workload at my job and whether things get better or worse in that area.  One thing it no longer seems to be depending on is whether I start dating someone or even if I do or don’t make more friends.  An interesting shift.