never married, over forty, a little bitter


Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, I can easily slip into thinking I’m doomed to singleness (although that seems like less and less of a bad thing) because of my dysfunctional family of origin.  It never hurts to be reminded that many lovely people have a difficult time finding a match:

staying sane

As someone who is doggedly continuing with regular workouts, yoga, and meditation over the holidays, this advice resonated with me:

And so, this is just general advice for everybody over the holidays, and it’s nothing new or original, but just a reminder: The things we do that work, that keep us sane, they only work if we do them. So over the holidays, whatever you regularly do to keep sane and fit and happy, find ways to keep doing them. If you work out, keep working out. If you are staying in a strange place, find ways to exercise there. Run. Walk. Get outdoors. Find a gym. If you attend recovery meetings, find them where you are and huddle close with your people. If you are in therapy, have a plan. If your therapist is on vacation, then do some substitute activity that puts you in touch with your own feelings and reminds you that you matter, that you are loved, that you are cared for. If that means writing in a journal, write in your journal. If that means talking with close friends, talk with close friends. Reach out.Stay close to those who hold you up. Eat well. Sleep well. Sing well.