by rantywoman

So it was revealed last night on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Kyle’s husband is raking it in; I guess he is worth about 100 million:

It’s hard to comprehend, given that they are both attractive but just so ordinary.  Not particularly smart or witty– Kyle is not even a Bethenny-level wit.

I can’t begin to just “let it go” politically when it comes to the ridiculous level of inequality we exist with here, but I can do so emotionally by realizing that no matter how much money someone has, they still only get one life.  They still abide by the laws of time and space like everyone else.

Meaning, you can be a wealthy Beverly Hills wife/mother/socialite but you probably also can’t be a dedicated bookworm, or a serious surf bum, or a downtown scenester, or an archaeologist, or any other lives one can dream up.

In short, you can have it all but still not have it all.  So there, 1%!