pity parties

by rantywoman

I think this encapsulates what this blog has been about– getting it all out:



Commitment: This paragraph in your book really struck me, “Can you explain the world to me? Because I don’t understand it. How can you be in love one minute, thinking of all the places you’ll take your big suitcase for the rest of your lives, and the next minute watch him marry someone else? I wanted an explanation.” I think many of us have been in relationships where the guy professes his undying love one moment, and is breaking up with us the next. How did you come to terms with this? How can a woman stay hopeful and romantic when maybe this has happened to her one too many times?

Amy:  Staying positive and romantic is a choice and not always an easy one, I know. I think you need to say to yourself, “no matter what — no matter how despondent or sad I get from time to time, no matter how wronged I feel and how unfair things seem sometimes, I am not going to allow myself to become bitter, because that would be the death of me.” 

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can never spend a Saturday night throwing yourself a pity party. On the contrary, I think that’s what allows you not to become bitter because it gets all those feelings out.  You’ve paid attention to your less noble feelings, even given them a little party and now it’s time to move on.