by rantywoman

When you become a mom, remember to 
hold onto your childless girl friends, because more than ever, they will 
be worth their weight in gold. That’s right, most of us new moms 
ditch those single gals, whose priorities are now so different from 
ours. But in spite of the radical lifestyle differences, accompanied by 
the misconception that we must run headlong into 
the nearest circle of new moms, it won’t be long before we learn that 
our childless friends still have so much to offer…

After  two years as a mom, it has finally dawned on me that my interactions 
with mom friends is at best frustrating (at worst hurtful), whilst 
interactions with childless friends continues to be satisfying. With 
childless friends we can finish a conversation and enjoy one another’s 
undivided attention, whilst with moms I’ll be halfway through a sentence 
before noticing that I’m talking to myself, as mommy has just been 
distracted by toddler. I have a toddler too, but unless she’s in 
immediate danger I tend to let her do her own thing while I converse 
with the adults (maybe that’s the French in me, for those who’ve read 
Bringing Up Bebe).