by rantywoman

When I thought of having kids in my twenties, I wanted far more financial security (and thus ease) before it would seem desirable to me, and that day never really came.  In terms of my financial fears, they were along the lines of this piece:


My husband and I have good jobs, a supportive family and a happy home. We both enjoy being around children and find babies unfailingly adorable.

Still, financial security is a very high priority. My worry that I may not always be able to guarantee that for my family is a major factor in my decision-making, although it’s hardly the only consideration. And while I may never feel financially at ease enough to comfortably afford children of my own, I take heart in knowing that my husband and I will be able to give an extra boost to the young people in our lives we already know and love, and the others that we will grow to love.

Part of what I imagine makes parenting so hard is the challenge of making financial compromises, and the emotional fallout from those choices. It must be difficult to accept that no matter how you set aside your own interests, you cannot afford the very best of everything for your child.