by rantywoman

After a long, hot summer filled with one ailment after another, my health has taken a turn not just for the better, but for seemingly the best it’s been in years.  I’m feeling extra-energetic and alive lately, and my mental antenna are up and quivering for new adventures.

At the same time, I visited a former haunt this week and realized that I’m no longer all that interested in a scene that has engaged me for the last three years.  Having been through this before, I know that it’s a natural thing for a passion for a community to run its course, so I’m not that torn up about it.

Interestingly my writing desire seems to have up and left me as well.  While posting on this blog has felt as natural as breathing, at approximately 650 posts and 70,000 views, it feels like it’s nearing an ending point. I don’t want to say “the end” because I think I’ll keep posting, but it probably won’t be with the same frequency as before.

I’ve been psychologically hibernating for a year with this blog and it feels like it’s time to emerge from my cave.