the cost of living

by rantywoman

I ran into a woman this past week whom I haven’t seen in a while.  When I first moved here, I babysat her child occasionally.  At the time, he hadn’t even entered elementary school yet, but given that six years have passed, he’s now almost graduated to junior high! It’s always surprising how fast kids grow up, especially when it seems like not much has happened in my life during that same span of time.

This woman’s husband is a decade older than her, and when they married, he owned his own business.  He’s recently had to start over in a new field, having lost his business in the economic downturn.  She had been working part-time at a job she loved, but was forced out when the company changed ownership, and is now suffering under a tyrannical boss in a new full-time position in a different field.

She strongly recommended I stay in my career field, capitalize on my experience, and move up the ladder as quickly and as high as possible in order to make a good salary during my prime earning years.

I wanted to say, “But I don’t have kids!  I don’t have kids!  I don’t have to worry so much.  I have some freedom.”