doubling down

Given my recent post “spiraling,” I tend to agree with the commenter almightymonkey:

I’m not sure I agree with the conclusions of this article.

One of the effects of feminism has been that, essentially, the labour market has doubled from what it would of been for my Grandparents generation – and that’s not taking into account the amount of work now done by machines instead of people.

This should of been great news for everyone – Rather than the old ‘breadwinner/homemaker’ dynamic which exhausted men and repressed women, you get two part time workers who share equal responsibility for home and work and who between them live a much more balanced and happier lifestyle, committing more time to both the kids and their own interests.

Captialism, being what it is of course, meant that instead of an improved lifestyle and a fairer, happier society, the mortgage simply doubled (and the rest) in price – parents now have to both work full time to make the same ends that 60 years ago a man alone was able to make meet. There are half the jobs and we need double the money. Funnily enough, that hasn’t worked out too well.